Jul 042011

I’ve been negligent toward this blog… again.  In my defense, it IS summer, I have been trotting across the continent, and have now shifted from the writing and typesetting of my latest book (The Spaces In Between) to selling and marketing of it.  Oh yeah, and then there’s the day job too.  I’ll try to be better in the future.

What I have noticed of late is that my focus seems to be directing itself toward and intensifying on “innovation.”  While it’s just been something that I’ve done (or has happened around me) in the past, the change is that now it seems to be more of a motivation.  Speaking, writing, framing within… All of these things are signals, I think.  There is a psychological bias that manifests itself in the form of noticing what you are interested in (like when you’re intent on a new Audi and every second car on the road suddenly has overlapping rings on the grill).  Perhaps that’s what I’m experiencing.  Take for instance the press coverage of the most recent Canadian Science, Technology, and Innovation Council report on Canada’s state of innovation (culture).  I’ll save you the reading:  it’s not great.

I noticed it and have put my mind to it like it really matters to me.  And, I suppose it does.  It should matter to all Canadians.  But what I really mean is that it matters to me.  I want to do something about it.  As any good Canadian, “I’m going to write a Goddamn letter” to the Council members.  Something has to be done.  It’s not right that despite tax credits and grants (which are abused) and a variety of preferred sector actions by the government, encouragement of business, and  both hard science (engineering) and “entrepreneurship” program growth at universities, Canada still falls (further) behind.  Somebody has to do something.  In the absence of that, I will.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll keep the blog reader posted.  At the very least, I’ll excerpt and test some of the letter content here.  At most, I’ll make the letter public by posting the whole thing here.  Feel free to send me email.  Lord knows I’ve tried to fix the comments feature on the blog.  Thankfully, in a way, it seems irreparable.  “Thankfully” only in the sense that the last blog is nothing but an attractor for link whores.

More later.

BTW, the paper books are printed and now available.  Buy direct (the-spaces-in-between.com) or from Amazon.com.  Thank you in advance.

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