Jul 102011

I found this in the Ottawa Citizen on Saturday.  You could go there yourself, but I’ve decided to reproduce it here.

On June 25, a funeral procession was waiting to turn onto Flewellyn Road from Shea Road.  None of the traffic was stopping or would even slow down in order to let the mourners leave the church together.  A good Samaritan got out of his vehicle and then, amazingly, managed to halt the oncoming traffic.  The whole group of vehicles could then proceed together to the cemetery.  On behalf of all of our family and friends, I wish to thank you sincerely and please know that your act of kindness and consideration and courage was greatly appreciated.

Nice response to a nice act.

People of my vintage all grew up knowing that  funeral procession, with headlights on, took precedence on the road ahead of traffic lights and pretty much everything but an ambulance with lights on.  I understand that ALL cars–for safety reasons–have their headlights on all the time.  But a hearse and a bunch of sombre black limos followed by a train of cars is pretty hard to miss.  And, as a final act of respect, even to someone that you don’t know personally, is waiting at an intersection for an extra minute really that big an imposition?

It’s just another proof point that the automobiles are inexorably making people more uncivilized.  Watch for more on blackout windows.

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