Jun 142011

Casually and formally, like everyone else here in San Diego for MindXchange, I’ve been doing a lot of talking.  It is absolutely fascinating to listen to how many others in so many different industries and areas are struggling with essentially similar challenges.  No doubt this applies to every functional area, not just innovation.  It’s refreshing to hear about other industries and businesses, particularly how they are dealing (or even better “have dealt”) with these issues.  There’s nothing like making an unusual connection and importing solutions to make the day go better.

In any case, I participated in a panel discussion earlier in the day.  Sounds like it went well based on audience feedback and comments made and overheard throughout the day.  As a group (and a really nice group of people, too, I might add), we met just prior to the session and loosened up.  We had a good laugh about making it a matter of course to simply disagree with the previous panelist even if what he/she said was unimpeachable truth.  We got a good laugh, but I think underlying that thought was the notion that ultimately it’s about both information AND entertainment.  I think it went OK.  Test marketing a catchphrase:  “Certainty drives to mediocrity.”  Saw a few people taking note of it.  Maybe I’ll hear it on a bus one day.

At the end of the day, I moderated a peer-to-peer forum on the subject of setting expectations.  (Let me tell you what I presciently joked to the group:  worse than being the person between people and their lunch is being the person between a mentally exhausted group and their open bar reception.)  It got off to a slow start but the “thought leaders” in the crowd helped keep things going.  Many thanks to each of them.  Ultimately, I was hoping to drive toward a particular end-point but with it bubbling out of the crowd.  Everyone was tired and it seeped out with a lot of pushing.  Still, I think by the time we were done, we had achieved something.  That I shall post later along with the “take away” notes being provided to the attendees.

Work, work, work.

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