Jun 132011

NOTE:  The last post was to have gone out last night, but such are the inconveniences and inconsistencies of modern life.

Today is a brand new day and on the Left Coast, I was in the gym at 4:00AM because I’d chosen to sleep in an hour.  For a while, there was another guy there who was operating on Tokyo time.  And now I’m preparing for the sessions at the 7th Annual Frost & Sullivan Global Innovations in New Product Development and Market Strategy MindXchange.   I’m working:  participating as a panelist in a townhall executive panel discussing collaborative models for innovation (trusting each other); and, I’m moderating an interactive break-out session on setting internal product development expectations.

I’ve never been before but the participant list looks pretty tier-one executive (VP/director and up) and everyone I met last night was eager to jump in and share their knowledge.  The agenda itself looks to have a bit of something for everyone who has to do with innovation and innovative type of work in product/services and marketing.  So, I’m eager.

Those who know me are abundantly clear that I veer toward professor and lecturer when you give me a microphone.  This is the tendency that I have to fight first as a panelist.  Usually, it works out because I’m not dumb enough to jump in when I have no knowledge and nothing to say.  The trouble is that when those barriers are not there, I like to teach.  Important not to ingraciously dominate the panel.  Equally important not to disappear and be an unfortunate decoration.

With the moderation, it’s a little better.  My plan is to provoke.  So I have a few theories and ideas which I’ll unleash on the crowd viz. the nature of expectations.  If all goes right, I’ll set up the situation and toss in those little grenades along the fault line between the more technical and the more marketing type folk, and let them have on.  They’ll walk into a room with an easel chart bearing the words “The predictable ‘death’ of Innovation.”  That should get things started.

More tonight when it’s in the past.

Is anybody listening–or am I just practicing my prose?

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