Jun 132011

Travelled from Ottawa to San Diego yesterday.  Would have blogged about it on the American flight from O’Hare using their on-board wi-fi, but I was a little busy and calculated that $4/hr for Internet that I didn’t need to use was too much.  In any case, early arrival at airport and connection times included, I was about 10 hours in transit.  I realize this isn’t long for those who commute to Asia, but it sure wasted my day.

On the other hand, it felt remarkably cosmopolitan at the same time.  Diagonally across an entire (large) continent in half a day.  Never ceases to amaze–if you think about it for a moment.

What I really want to know is what it was that we passed over where the low mountain ranges almost instantly change from desert and dried out riverbeds to a lush coastal green practically like someone took an Olfa knife and cut the pieces together.  More from the conference I’m attending.

 Posted by on 13 Jun 2011

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