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Maga, in Nigerian street lingo, means "fool"

I was watching the most recent episode of Trafficked with Mariana Van Zeller. It was about Nigerian scammers (Black Axe) that lure people with promises of enormous inheritances to come to an African country—in this case, Mozambique. There they are sent on with a suitcase of “gifts” which, in this case, was heroin. Mariana found this story because of the daughter of one such “blind mule” now in prison in Mozambique.

Never minding everything that comes to mind, that shouts “THIS IS NOT A REAL THING!” suffice to say it happens—a lot.

The real point here is that Mariana interviews a couple members of these syndicates and they tell her that everybody can be scammed. Moreover, in Nigerian street lingo, those people who fall for this despicable and absurd scam are called “magas.”

I learned a lot about the world and, indeed, how sophisticated and insightful are Nigeria’s mafiosos.

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