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Most news outlets are carrying a story today similar to this one (CBC) that covers the Parliament Hill protests by CUPW, directed toward the Prime Minister, against the Canada Post changes to service–most specifically to the end of door-to-door delivery. CUPW’s interest: membership will decline. And, to the organization, it doesn’t matter whether that’s because of terminations resulting from reduced work, attrition from retiring members not being replaced, or lunar conjunction. The end result is the same: the organization, like the employer, (first irony) has its very purpose and survival at stake.

The second, and even better irony, comes with a leaflet that I found in my mailbox (third irony). The leaflet, “Produced by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers,” is provided below so you can see I’m not making this up. In point of fact, I couldn’t: I’m not THAT creative.

Pamphlet side A Pamphlet side B

For anyone who needs training wheels for dark humor, let me assist. The leaflet, which is a petition to MPs, showed up in my mailbox. It has NO POSTAGE, and I am certain it was not delivered via Canada Post (don’t ask why). It clearly indicates what to do to mail the completed form to the MP for the area NO POSTAGE required (because it’s Parliamentary mail). Need more help? The union is complaining about the cuts to service, which start as a result of revenue from postage/mail declining precipitously. And even they don’t use the system to generate revenue toward their own health. It’s as if Henry Ford went to the trouble of giving his employees a good wage so they could afford to buy cars for their families as goes the legend, and instead they went out a got more horses and oats with their new “wealth.”

Love it.

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