Oct 132011

Canadian (media) hockey hero, Don Cherry, recently ranted in his own inimitable fashion–again.  This time it was about the opposition to fighting by the NHL and many hockey players, including some former star fighters.  The whole thing is a tempest in a protective cup, and made ugly by Mr. Cherry to boot.

In the Tuesday Globe & Mail, the editorial board rose to chastise his Don-ness.  They challenged Mr. Cherry’s reference to three reknowned former “enforcers” as “pukes.”  I don’t dispute the editorial position nor the approach to or even the actual argument.  Still, one has to imagine that a few lawyers among the readership could take offense to at least one part of the piece.  Judge for yourself; here’s the offending paragraph.

Mr. [Stu] Grimson didn’t earn his nickname “the Grim Reaper” for scoring goals; he had 217 fights in his NHL career, and retired because of a brain injury. [Here comes the punch line.] But he had the wherewithal to become a lawyer.

Gotta love it.

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