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One of the sessions that I took in at Dreamforce 11 was about rules for content management and use.  It definitely provided that.  But, and I didn’t realize it would be a key feature, the session also used the content provision rules as a bit of a springboard to present material about effective online marketing metrics.  This part of the session (with no disrespect to the other presenter) was a very pleasant surprise.

The presenter was VP Marketing at Marketo, a guy named Jon Miller, who, among his other credits lists a PhD in physics.  To say that this is a bit unusual in a commercial business setting that isn’t commercialization of black hole discoveries is to understate the case.  In any event, Jon was entertaining as well as wickedly informative.  The Marketo white paper or guidebook that Miller penned, “Marketing Metrics and Analytics” is available on their website.  I just read it and whole-heartedly recommend it.  For people in large organizations that are doing product development and/or management or those who are in marketing, section 4 provides a yeoman’s tour of fundamental metrics not merely for looking back and analysing but for predicting how marketing/sales efforts will turn into money.

Well worth the investment of 40-minutes to read.  But beware, you’ll want to download and read the other papers available from Marketo.

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