Aug 092011

(I should have been a headline writer for a counterculture magazine…)

Those in Canada who pay attention to things innovative would be aware that the Science, Technology and Innovation Council issued its latest State of the Nation 2010 report in late June.  There was much to do about it in the business press for a few weeks, mostly because its analyses noted a decay in Canada’s ranking among other nations on various dimensions of innovation capacity since the first such report.

First off, the results are not and should not be a shock to anyone.  Countless other organizations have provided similar readings over the past number of years.  Secondly, the work that the STIC has done is to analyse and reveal with a little local diagnosis and even a bit of prognosis included in the report’s summary.  My take is that it stops short of a deep diagnosis of the problem (to the extent there is one), and makes only a fairly unoffensive recommendation for remedy.

I’ve taken a while to muse about the whole thing and have made an open offering of a root cause diagnosis and core remediation framework in a letter to the STIC Board of Directors.  For anyone interested in reading it and making it a conversation, here it is (STIC BOD open letter Aug 11).  Enjoy.

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