Aug 312011

First session after the opening keynote at DreamForce ’11 is going on right now.’s CEO, Mark Benioff is moderating a panel on “the digital agenda” with Vivek Kundra, Neelie Kroes, and Angela Ahrendts. Interesting how the two governmental representatives are speaking about how their governmental authorities are leaning toward social and cloud for different reasons.  In the first case, because they have no choice:  it’s happening, like it or not.  In the second, because it’s happened long ago behind the curtains of vendor relationships.  Oh yeah, and they’re broke too.  Very interesting.

So what’s depressing about that?


What’s depressing, to me, is that there is so much going on in this evolution of society, including government and business, and I’m dragging along behind.  Not that I don’t have the awareness or capacity, oh no.  That I have in spades (although I have been questioning if I’m already becoming generationally challenged for these evolutions).  But, how far and how quickly I am able to jump on and pursue these great developments is just a bit inhibited during the working day. That, despite the fact that the place I work is better placed than all but perhaps a small handful of other organizations to capture and even lead this change.

By the way, I was told that DreamForce and Benioff’s keynotes in particular were something to behold.  No kidding.  Moscone Centre opened in full, holding about 15,000 people, was the scene of what was part rock concert (complete with Neil Young in the audience), part old time evangelical revival meeting.  The people here, who were told by Benioff that they were part of what is now the largest technology conference in the world, are practically groupies.  It’s something all right.

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