May 082011

Kind of snuck up on me this year.  Not sure why, but I was anticipating it next weekend.  I wonder if anybody else got caught by surprise.

No big one.  Everything worked out.  Thankfully, my daughter was on the ball.

Still, with Easter being at a particularly unusual time of the Spring this year, it got me to pondering the whole notion of holidays that fall on algorithmic dates (i.e., the first Sunday after the second sprout of crocus blooms on an Easterly facing hill…).  They are confusing.  Even if “the second Sunday,” or whatever, makes sense because Mother’s Day on a Tuesday would likely not be very well attended, it’s just not as easy as DECEMBER 25.  That one everybody can remember.  Which would make it far more efficient.

Maybe there’s nothing here but a 100-word demi-rant.  I’m moving on.

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