Apr 212011

I would never make make fun of cancer and cancer patients. That said, this article in today’s Globe & Mail quoting a study that links wealth to higher incidents of breast cancer is begging for it.

Read the article if you choose. The study essentially makes a two step correlation: less wealthy women produce more children earlier in life; child production affects estrogen exposure because missing menstrual cycles will do that; exposure to higher levels of estrogen appears to correlate with higher incidence (15%) of breast cancer. Fair enough.

The headline that skips the important parts attracts attention. It just begs to be made fun of though. And that’s unfortunate.

On the other hand, this kind of headline/body copy dissonance is not unlike what goes on in other theatres of life like the work of sales or business development, in innovation, and so forth. Could be a fascinating correlation in itself.

 Posted by on 21 Apr 2011

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