Oct 192010

This is really hard. I’d forgotten the discipline involved with regularly writing to a blog (it’s been about 4 years since recursiveprogress first went off the air).
In the ensuing time, although I’ve developed a lot of thoughts and ideas that can be brought to bear on a variety of subjects and current events, the will to apply commentary to things on a regular basis has dissipated. The problem is that I want to share my ideas and to have them critiqued with responses back. I want to test some of the thinking that’s going into new books and essays.
But it’s really hard. Mostly because I’m also trying to keep this iteration of the blog focused rather than allowing it to meander around whatever caught my fancy on a daily basis.
More than that, at least the last time around I knew that there was one or two people out there somewhere reading what I put out. Starting again from ground zero, it feels a little bit like saying a speech into a mirror. You get the practice and one day when you deliver the speech it may be better, but it’s still only practice.

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