Sep 272010

At O’Reilly’s Web2.0 in New York this week.  So far, on Workshops day, the content has been pretty good for a moderate geek like myself.  The hardcore stuff is coming Tuesday to Thursday for data analyst types, UI/UX developers, social media coders, and for (Web) business strategists.  Having never been to an O’Reilly event, let alone Web2.0, before, the orchestration is excellent and the content appears to be formidable.

The first workshop of the day, “The Art and Science of Seductive Interactions,” was (for as much as I was in the room given the pressing needs of the job back home) insightful.  From my perspective, given what I’ve been studying for the past six years or so, it was a well-ordered application of some fundamental social psychology to user interface, user experience, and generally making people interested in what you have to offer.  Some of the suggestions would be relatively easily implmentable by the average Web business.  Of course, if your Web business is a part of a more traditional business approach, nothing is easy or simple.  And the challenge of bringing along anybody who wasn’t at the event and heard the presentation first hand, will likely be significant.

Still, with all the sympathetic intents in the hotel, I can’t help but wonder whether it won’t turn into an echo chamber pretty quickly.  That would start to feel a lot like the turn of the century at any kind of “Web” conference or event.  Hopeful that won’t happen.  In the meantime, it’s time to learn about the UX-driven start-up.

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